We're located in Fall City, WA, on just under three acres of land. Roughly half of the property is pasture and the other half is covered by trees. We moved here in January 2017. We're just getting started, but I have the hope of making almost every inch of the property productive over the next couple of years. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at lennoxhillfarm@gmail.com.



I started farming in 2014 as a volunteer on a small urban farm in Washington DC. Since then, I've: volunteered with a group that did yard work for older folks; received a Permaculture Design Certificate from Milkwood, and an Advanced Permaculture Design Certificate from Djanbung Gardens; WWOOF'd on two farms in Australia and one in Colorado; completed a Farm Management Internship at an urban farm (Growing Gardens) in Boulder, CO; completed independent design and garden work; worked on an animal farm in Renton, WA; and completed a season working in Fall City, WA at Steel Wheel Farm and in Carnation, WA at First Light Farm. Over the past year, while working other places, I've also been working on our own property.



I never thought I would own a farm, but I had three main reasons for getting involved:

First, I think that conventional agriculture is not sustainable, so I’m hoping to help do it in a more sustainable way. Second, I think that ethical treatment of animals for meat consumption is important. Finally, and most importantly, Haley said she wanted to do it. So. Here we are.



Barn Cats

We have three very shy barn cats. This is Minerva. The other cats are Ma'am and Mister. Mice are a problem on the property, and we only add to it by adding pig feed and chicken feed to the mix. These floofs are supposed to help with that. We also used to have a number of voles, but they've reduced them as well.


Max and Minion

Technically, they aren't part of the farm (because they're both awful farm dogs), but they're so cute I decided to add them. Max is on the right, Minion is on the left. Max is a terrible guard dog and thinks everyone is his friend. Minion is a great guard dog, except against herself, and would love to kill all of the chickens.